Journey to the Land of Fire and Ice


Located right between Europe and Northern America, Iceland is a mountainous island filled with antitheses. A natural masterpiece, where the fiery lava erupts from underground and bursts on the surface covering the ice and water! Iceland is a place like no other on Earth, with stunning landscapes and imposing rock formations. A mystical destination where travelers enjoy the unspoiled natural beauty and the shimmering northern lights, along with the Midnight Sun and the absolute darkness that spreads all around for six whole months.

An Unmatched Experience

When traveling to Iceland, you are in for an uncanny experience. Every single moment will surprise you, while the hospitable locals will embrace you and help you feel like home. A home that does not resemble your own hometown, but is strangely intimate!

A visit at the Blue Lagoon, the marvelous natural geothermal Spa with the majestic therapeutic waters, is a must during your exploration of Iceland. And Thingvellir National Park just 40 minutes from Reykjavik provides the ultimate scenery for observing the northern lights on the starlit sky.

Skaftafell Park is a place of extraordinary beauty, the result of the never-ending battle between fire and ice. There you will be able to enjoy the glacial rivers and black desert, along with waterfalls and a unique birch wood forest. Above all, the black basalt columns form a surreal setting that leaves everyone in awe.

Gullfoss or else known as The Golden Falls and Reynisfjara Beach of precious black sand, the active volcano of Hekla and Seljavallalaug Pool outdoors are also magnificent monuments and landscapes worth visiting. The land is desolate and filled with raw beauty, with primitive elegance and a magical aura overwhelming the atmosphere.

Iceland is the land of fishermen and voyagers. With the influence of the Vikings still prevalent on the island, Iceland is calling your name. Planning your journey to the land of ice and fire is an experience on its own, since you will be completely out of your comfort zone throughout your travel. But this is a great thing! You will feel like an explorer, like one of the adventurers of past eras that made it to this precious land and conquered it.

So arm yourself with the courage to dare such an unearthly experience. Discover the outstanding beauty and spectacular landscapes of Iceland and you will be counting the days backwards till your next visit!