car mechanicalOk so now you’ve reached a point where you’ve got itchy feet and decided that you need to purchase a new car.   It would seem obvious to a lot of people that if you’re trying to get the maximum amount of money for selling your car that you would try to make the car look it’s absolute best.


However what I’ve noticed over my career and working in the automotive industry is that I’m continually surprised by the number of vehicles that I look at that are potentially for sale and the people don’t even bother vacuuming out the car. As you and I both know first impressions are everything and if the car is dirty not vacuumed doesn’t look quite right under the hood then the potential purchaser is not going to pay top dollar for your car.


What you need to realise along with many other people this that a potential buyer wants to see a nice shiny healthy looking car otherwise they will simply leave your face and go and look at the next car on their list. there is no shortage of cars out there available for people to buy so why wouldn’t you make yours Look the best it could possibly be?


So firstly my advice to you would be to have the car professionally detailed it can make such a massive difference to the look and feel of your car to a person who has never seen it before.There are many different businesses that are that offer mobile car detailing services or if you would like to save some money you could certainly spend a morning doing this car detailing yourself.


In addition to making the car look better it should also drive nicely too.  Chances are that under your local laws you will need to have some sort of safety inspection or roadworthy certificate available for your new purchaser. So why not just have your local mechanic check out your car for any potential issues. I would suggest that even small issues with handling or play in the steering or noisy of squeaky brakes would be of detriment to the actual sale price of your car.


Save yourself some real hassle and have your local mechanic check out your car for sale as soon as possible.